nef consulting is the strategic consultancy arm of nef (new economics foundation), the independent and award winning think-and-do tank working to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions while challenging mainstream thinking on economic, environmental and social issues.

We are a social enterprise whose vision is for all organisations to be drivers of positive social change. We have worked with companies, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations on both sides of the Atlantic and have footholds in Europe, Australia and South Africa to expand our reach.

Our vision

nef consulting wants to see a world where organisations transition to models of sustainable performance and success through improving well-being.

Our aim

Our aim is to share what we have learnt to change the nature of work so that it consistently brings positive experiences and meaning to people’s lives.

Our working principles

Our approach is to transfer knowledge and build sustainability within organisations to understand, measure and act on well-being.

We have designed our collection of tools in order to support organisations to:

  • see and understand their well-being in new ways
  • create shared values and understanding between all employees about the things that matter most for good jobs and happy workplaces
  • open possibility spaces for imagining new ways of organising work and managing people
  • provide insights that employees can act on in their daily working lives
  • develop the capability for continuous learning and self-organisation on well-being issues
  • understand the business case for investing in well-being.

This is what we call creating sustainable well-being at work.