If you are keen to get going straight away with the survey, then the best option for you is probably the self-service option, which is available here.

You will be able to do the survey yourself and set up an account that allows you to invite up to five people to try it for free!

For larger groups, the survey costs just £6 per person. What does this money buy you?

  • A 12 month subscription, with freedom to run the survey as many times as you like
  • 40 questions from the well-being research, pre-tested with 1000s of respondents
  • Automatic invites and reminders to employees to complete the survey
  • Tailored results reporting, for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Advice on next steps

And the ability to track your changes over time means you have the opportunity to experiment to find the well-being solutions that work best for your organisation!

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