How much could investment in employee well-being benefit your organisation?

Humans have spent millennia thinking about how to arrive at happiness. It is only recently- and with the help of rigorous studies – that we have discovered that happiness is actually an important precursor of success.

Plug in your vital statistics to calculate the cost savings from higher well-being in your organisation.

Returns on investment calculator coming soon…

Even when being conservative with our estimates, the savings associated with fewer sick days, greater staff retention and improved output quickly add up.

The dynamic nature of well-being means that there are many routes into improving it. The trick is in finding the mechanisms that become self-perpetuating, leading to positive outcomes for individuals and organisational performance.

These virtuous cycles explain why even modest improvements in well-being translate into good savings on the business bottom line.

Contact us if you would like to discuss how to map well-being improvements to sustainable business performance and corporate social responsibility objectives, capturing the wider social return on your investment.