e well-being at work

This is because happy and fulfilled employees enjoy their work more. Which means they routinely show up at work. They are less likely to leave. They get more work done and go that extra mile. Ultimately a happy workforce equals a high-performing workforce.

Strategies for improving well-being at work are vital for keeping you and your team happy and performing at your peak.

Our belief:

The answers do not lie in spending a lot of money. They are to be found in the research.

Our expertise:

Understanding what drives happiness and well-being in the workplace is essential for nurturing the intangibles – such as human intelligence, creativity and personal warmth – that underpin value creation in organisations and businesses.

nef consulting has applied more than a decade of nef research into well-being to design inexpensive and facilitative tools that support businesses, leaders, managers, teams, employees and independent experts to improve well-being and resilience in organisations.

This is a completely new approach to tackling common, and expensive, performance risks: low productivity, absenteeism, negative behaviours, big change processes, and stress.

See how cost effective a well-being approach could be for your organisation.

Our tools

  • Happiness at Work Survey
    A quick, easy and affordable way to provide real-time feedback to employees, teams and managers on well-being in the workplace
  • Five ways to Well-being at work
    Interactive sessions with employees and teams exploring the drivers of well-being and opportunities for taking individual and collective action. The deadlines are approaching? Weeklyessay is just a click away!
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