There are a wide range of approaches to making great places to work that positively contribute to people’s health and happiness – from flexible working to changes to work culture, the physical design of workplaces and opportunities to learn and progress.

One route that organisations can take is to improve understanding and knowledge about happiness and well-being among employees.

Support employees to look after their well-being

We have developed a half day workshop to encourage employees and teams to think about how they can build more of the Five Ways to Well-being into their day-to-day working lives:

Understand cutting edge science on resilience, happiness and well-beingThe aim of these sessions is to create the space for employees to learn about their own well-being and share ideas with colleagues.  The design of these interactive sessions has been tailored to a workplace context with the aim of identifying actions that employees can take individually and collectively to improve happiness and well-being at work.

At the end of these sessions, those who have taken part are able to:

  • Reflect on the Five Ways to Well-being in their own lives
  • Understand what the science says about how and when the changes we make go the distance
  • Develop ideas for improving happiness and well-being in the workplace
  • Identifying barriers and opportunities to increasing Five Ways to Well-being activities
  • Develop action plans that specify the priority individual, collective and organisational changes that will contribute to happier working lives.

If you are interested in a series of workshops or would like to discuss how our Five Ways-based initiative could be tailored to your organisation, timeframe and objectives, then please contact us.

Make the Five Ways to Well-being visible in your workplace.

We all want to be happy. But we are not always good at predicting what will bring us lasting well-being. So, help your employees, by reminding them of the activities that matter.

We have a set of postcards featuring each of the Five Ways, which have wound up all over the place – university forecourts, bus shelters, high streets, festivals, doctors surgeries – and, of course, workplaces! They have inspired videos, animations, posters, books and larger-than-life puppets. And they have been used strategically to inform HR processes, activities in the community and the design of physical spaces.

You can purchase postcards for your employees here.

We can also support organisations in the development of tailored Five Ways to Well-being materials, which provide information and advice to employees about how to build more positive happenings into their working lives. Please contact us.

Learn more about the Five Ways to Well-being

Between July 2006 and October 2008 the UK government’s futures think-tank, Foresight, commissioned over 400 experts in psychology, psychiatry, neuroscience, education, and economics from across the world to review current knowledge on mental health and well-being. What became clear is that some of our happiness is determined by:

  • our circumstances (where we are)
  • our personal resources (who we are)
  • the activities we give our energy to (what we do).

Towards the end of this process, Foresight commissioned the centre for well-being at nef to take a look at all the evidence and identify the daily activities that will support people to live their lives in a happier way.

The resulting actions – Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give – are sure ways to look after our well-being.